• About K Pharma, Inc.
    We contribute to the society through the development of regenerative medicine for SPI (spinal cord injury) and pharmaceuticals using iPS cell as well as disease model iPS cell.

  • Our Aim: Application of iPS cell, Overcoming intractable diseases, Medical innovation

    • Hideyuki Okano
      Co-founder / Professor, Keio University School of Medicine / Dean, Graduate School of Medicine
    • Masaya Nakamura
      Co-founder / Professor, Keio University School of Medicine / Vise Dean, School of medicine
    • Komei Fukushima
      Co-founder / President & CEO/ Project Associate Professor, Keio University School of Medicine
  • Our Funding Principles
    A Quote from Shibasaburo Kitazato, “Oyoso gakushiki wa zouma ni amanekarazareba sono kudoku
    tainarazu” means that if scientific knowledge is not recognize by the world, it loss its. In other
    words, you should not do a research without thinking how it can benefit the world.
    Another quote from Yukichi Fukuzawa, “Imada kokoromizushite mazu utagaumo, yusha ni arazu”
    means that without trying, you can neither doubt future results nor become a person of valor." In
    other words, don't doubt the success or failure of a venture without even trying.


Although the development of treatments for spinal cord injuries (SCI) is progressing,
effective cure has not yet been established. This is not only an issue for Japan
but it is also global. Anticipation grows for regenerative medicine (and its study)
as a vital therapeutic tool for SCI and cerebral infarctions.
The research groups of Professor Hideyuki Okano, Department of Physiology,
Keio University School of Medicine, and Professor Masaya Nakamura,
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, have discovered a differentiation-inducing method for iPSC to neural progenitor cells and have strived to apply this in the treatment of SCI.
In addition, we have focused on elucidating pathological conditions and drug discovery research for intractable neurological diseases utilizing diseases-model iPS cell technology.

K Pharma, Inc. was established for the purpose of implementing these research subjects.
As a spin off venture from Keio University, we are committed to the practical application
of nerve regeneration technology and the development of effective drug discovery for intractable neurological diseases.
We dedicate ourselves to contributing to the society in the medical field through early implementation of neuro-regenerative technology as well as drug development and industrialization, for intractable neurological diseases.