About K PharmaInformation

Company name

We are a spin off bio-venture originating from Keio University. The “K” was taken from first letter of Keio University, and combined with “Pharmaceuticals”, that representing pharmaceutical companies that develop regenerative medicine products and medicines, to create the name of “K Pharma”. The “K” also represents “kindness” and “knowledge”.

Logo design

株式会社ケイファーマ(K Pharma, Inc.)

With the initial “K” of the company name set as the base of the design, “cell, development, connection, expansion” are composed stylishly around it. In order to reach the state where we can deliver pharmaceutical products created through successful research finding originated from academia, it is necessary to have “collaboration” with many specialists and pharmaceutical companies. Finally, it also contains “hope” that is needed when creating the path to a bright future.

株式会社ケイファーマ(K Pharma, Inc.)